Custom illustrations for your biz. The perfect doodle for your new product, extra oomph for an ad campaign, an original piece to make your social media shine, something priceless for your publication.

starting at $75
shop custom illustrations

visual styling.

Flat-lay and lifestyle (physical) or collage (digital) photo imaging for marketing, website, social media, press use, and more to maintain clean and consistent messaging so you can just focus on the magic.

physical imaging: starting at $35 / image

digital collaging:
starting at $45 / image

look books &
media kits.

A fully customized look book or media kit complete with current product line, pricing, ordering details, & contact info for easy viewing, wholesale, and distribution.

starting at $275

$35 / per quarter update
$65 / one-time update


Customized invitation suite for your occasion because the first impression of any event is the invite. So why not make it as awesome as I’m sure your tablecloths and cater waiter’s pocket square will be?

starting at $175

printing not included in pricing. available upon request.

packaging design and additional collateral needs avaiable upon request

Let’s show off the fruits of your labor — we’re talking more than just figs, apples, and nectarines — this is beyond the rose garden. We’re building a brand.
A voice to be heard.

The Branding:
Translating visions

a complete brand set without compromise

what’s included:



logo, logo alternates, patterns, color palette, typography, complete with a comprehensive brand style guide.


business card design, notecard design, email signature, social assets (as needed).

average price $1400


fully customized Squarespace website complete with a 5 page set-up - Homepage, Service, Blog Contact, About - integrated with the new brand identity.

average price $1100

additional pages:
$111 / per page
$185 /per shop page*

plus! seO basics overview: free


the process:


monthly web maintenance. 

(Optional) for e-commerce updates,  blog content, social media, and general site maintenance so you can get back to biz.



the timeline:

branding: 3 weeks + website: 2 weeks =

5 weeks**

(+) all prices subject to change. additional items and/or substitutions may quote higher or lower.

(*) Squarespace is a seamless option for commerce however, due to the time-consuming nature of shop page setup and execution, shop pages are sold only as an additional page and for a higher rate.

(**) add-on items may require additional time. estimates can be provided on a case-by-case basis.

Design should always be visual medicine — a compelling mixture of clashing textured layers on minimal canvas laced with dramatic details, mirrored hues, and delicate hints — Embellishments for the eyes. Movement for the soul.

tarot on-tap

modern day mystical marketing.


what’s in a name?

what’s in a name?

Feel your soul call but the vision is a little hazy? This reading will help guide you to uncover the direction, purpose, and potential name of your soul dream. 

3 card spread:

  1. past energy

  2. current energy

  3. next steps

35 minute call

+ 1 biz prompt oracle

+ additional clarifiers as needed

+ BONUS intention setting questionnaire $11 value!


clear the clutter

clear the clutter

Have the idea, direction, name, even the foundations of your soul dream but aren’t sure if you or it’s ready? Let’s clear the clutter causing all this confusion.

3 card spread:

  1. current energy

  2. next steps

  3. next steps

35 minute call

+ “3x3”biz oracle forecast

+ additional clarifiers as needed

+ BONUS intention setting questionnaire $11 value!


tune-up time

tune-up time

To add a little spark and hustle to that soul dream fire because hey, we all need a tune-up every now and then. Available to previous and first-time clients. 

Ideal for previous Tarot On-Tap and Branding clients. Available to first-time clients as a general Tarot reading.

3 card spread: General reading tap-in. What’s the energy? Where are we heading? 

25 minute call

+ 1 life oracle prompt

+ additional clarifiers as needed



a 22-page questionnaire designed to help guide you in your intention setting journey

The prompts are developed to make you truly question your motivations, desires, interests and passions so that what you truly want to manifest is articulated clearly. We cannot control the how in life we can only control our own personal why. These intentions may not come into your life as you expect. But always know that what is truly meant for your highest good and the highest good of all involved will never be withheld by the Universe. Trust. And watch it all unfold.