the studio.

estormstudio is a graphic + visual design studio offering one-of-a-kind design to translate visions so your voice can be heard.

She began as a distant little dream in early 2016 and is now a full-fledged operation born in New York & based in Colorado.




the artist:

An observant creative with an eye for all things orderly and artistic, Emma Storm is a graphic artist, native New Yorker, and maker of pretty things she likes. More specifically, branding, custom illustrations, and little doodles. She is equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising & Marketing Communications and a minor in Creative Technologies from the Fashion Institute of Technology.


She has worked as a designer for print magazines including DuJour and TRIBEZA, assisted in PR coordination for luxury skincare brand La Prairie, and volunteered with Adobe in executing their largest event in NYC. Currently, she creates branding and websites for fellow consciously creative small businesses both online and in store and runs her own online shop selling cards, prints, custom illustrations, and woo-woo magic. 

She is super into astrology, pulls tarot cards for just about anything and everything, and her really dear friend even attuned her to Reiki. So, everything she makes is quite possibly filled with magic. Or at least a lot of love. She is smitten with watercolors (simply unable to resist the sketchy, watery strokes of the medium) and believes it takes very few lines to make a drawing and translate a vision. One day she met digital, and their romance quickly bloomed with each tantalizing pixel and processor. From that day forward, she put the word “graphic” in front of “artist” but feel to just call her a designer too.

Being self-taught in both art and design, she believes it is a privilege to teach yourself the tools and skills you need to become your own artist and to find a soul-connection with your work.