burning questions.

(and other things people have wanted to know).

How does the whole return thing work?


We ask that you please choose carefully when deciding to order from our Studio Shop as everything is limited edition and made to order. We are unable to offer returns on items due to change of mind, but if the items arrive damaged or are lost then replacements or refunds will be issued. All services are non-refundable. Please email us at estormstudio@gmail.com if you have any problems with your items that you have received.


How do payments for your services work?


Payments for services will be processed through Stripe. After the initial inquiry and discussion of the details of your order are complete, an invoice will be sent requesting the full payment of the agreed upon service including the cost of shipping. 

If after the initial invoice payment is complete additional costs accrue, an additional invoice will be issued requesting full payment of said costs. 

All payments for orders from the Studio Shop will take place at the time of purchase. We use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) as provided by Squarespace to protect the security of your online order information as it is transmitted to our server. SSL technology encrypts your information to protect it from being deciphered by anyone other than estormstudio.


What are my paper options?


All cards and envelopes are made with 100% PC recycled paper. From dust to dust - as it should be. Please bear with us as me migrate to sustainable cellulose non-plastic and recycled shipping and packaging materials by end of 2020.

Lucky for you there are none. Oops, did we just burst your bubble? Trust us on this one. We spent 3 weeks staring at paper swatches and awkwardly trying to balance heavy swatch-books comparing paper grades, weights, and several shades of white to make sure everything would be as pretty and perfect as we think possible. This is not your average paper. You won’t be disappointed.


Who designed your website?


We did! 

Yes, we use Squarespace. No, there’s not a template to make it look this cool. And yes, we spent several months moving the same things over and over again infinitesimal amounts until it was just right. We have a Sun in Libra and Virgo-rising over here (aka: an anal-retentive lover of pretty things). As for the more far out aspects? That would be the Aquarius moon.


Could you design my…


Why Tarot?


Tarot is a tool. A language if you will. And the Universe speaks a whole lot more than just the 7000 living languages said to exist in our world. Think of Tarot like Rosseta Stone. If we want those golden answers, the mystery to life, and the meaning behind it all (well maybe not the whole thing) then it’s up to us to learn how to communicate and become fluent in the language of the Universe.

What is this language?

Glad you asked. Think colors, clouds, flowers, strings of numbers, gut instincts, abstract images, and random connections. Like the cardinal sitting outside your window every morning seemingly looking in at you. Your morning coffee run always ringing up to $4.44 and 11:11 or any repeating number always magically appearing on the clock when you look at it. These instances are more than just coincidence and chance. They’re signs and symbols. The language of the Universe. In Tarot On-Tap we use the Tarot to tap into your biz soul dream and unlock all of its potential.


When / how did you start reading?


When I was 11 years old I just knew. Knew what exactly? Well, when playing in the backyard I would see the tree branch fall before it even broke. I would reach for my classmates papers before they even fell. And I would say hello to the dancing shadows and lights in my room at night even when it was completely dark. 

This sense of knowing has always been innate to me. I was never one to pass off hearing the sound of my name being called even when there was no one around. I embraced these occurrences and what was considered imagination as complete and total reality.

It was not always easy. But it always felt right.

There is a thin veil between the lives we live in our minds and the Universe. As for what for the Universe is that is in the eye of the beholder. The Universe to me is an ever-expanding divine presence filled with beings both on this earth, up in the clouds, and everywhere in between. We are all meant to live with this Universe. And we are called to communicate with everything that lives between it’s translucent walls. 

Tarot, astrology, crystals, yoga, and other spiritual tools found their way to me naturally in my late teens and their presence has evolved into my work today. Several hundred readings later with family and friends, I have began expanding my work with clients and through social media. Follow along on IG for free weekly readings and monthly themes.