March 2019 | Energetic Theme: 8 of Pentacles + Edge of Evolution Feels Messy


We all have a subtle unspoken edge
The one where lines get blurred
And things feel fuzzy

Here our ego protects us
While our inhibitions bleed
Through both sides of the fence

Here we claim the “hell yes’s” and “oh no’s”
It's the edge where everything
Begins and everything ends

But who controls this fluid line?
The one where some may cross and others must hide
Our self-imposed limitations were constructed by someone, right?

So anything manmade can be remade
Handcrafted and curated
Delicately bathed and cleansed

The edge you see holds an essence of magic
It leads to evolution
Not anything tragic

So pulling out the blue prints and addressing each brick
Will ensure you understand why some things don’t always click

Because fear misplaced where love and joy should be 
Is not saving you from love
It’s preventing you from being free

So reconstruct we shall our imaginary borders 
And through no fault of our own it will be easier to follow
The happy thoughts and trails to new beginnings

And through this exploration 
The messy edge of evolution
Will give way to liberation

Just last March we were tending to our seedling dreams and cultivating our luscious vine with the Seven of Pentacles (catch up on last year’s theme here). One year later we have elevated. One year later we have come home to our craft. What was once a cultivation is now a harvest. The Eight of Pentacles suggests there is a steadiness about our practice. March swirls with themes of self-mastery and coming home to the body. The mind. The practice. What it is we are grinding out to each day and how it is fulfilling us.

How do you know if you are taking the right steps forward? What are your options if you want to diverge and create a new habit or space to cultivate in your own world? 

Perhaps a solution is closer than you think. Take a moment to evaluate. If feelings of uncertainty are leading you down thought trails of doubt or boredom pause and allow yourself to be still. Do not go down these paths for the trek back to your being will be much more of a burden to bare than leaning into the now. Take a moment to inhale. Exhale. Pause. Look around you both figuratively and literally. Who in your life may be extending an olive branch or a lending hand? Who is here to help? The answer might even be yourself. What action can you take today that will better prepare for this new leap tomorrow? Take stock and notice. It may not appear as you expect but you will indeed find a solution in sight. An answer is right here ready to unfold.

Check if you are holding onto neck pain, shoulder tension, or back aches as this may result from not allowing yourself to see more than one side. An imbalance of perspective so-to-speak. Our reverie’s can be magical. They can bring us to places unseen. But their entertainment should not come at the cost of true action and devotion to your real life.  Look out for all opportunities. Expect them to appear out of no where and allow them to be magical.

On March 20th while celebrating the spring equinox we will enter Aries season while under a Libra Full Moon. Quite the time it will be to honor the beginning of it all. Another round of cultivating. Another round of harvesting. The season of self blessed by the first Libra Full Moon (a second Libra Full Moon will occur April 19th) is a time of balancing the internal and external worlds. A time to understand our motivations and why we to tend to the practices of our daily life. The dedication. The devotion. The rhythmic motions of our path and the moments that pass each day allowing us to fill ourselves a little more. A little deeper.

This subtle unspoken edge we speak of is an invisible line constructed by the deep hidden inner workings of our minds. It is here where our boundaries lie. The line is fluid. It allows some things to cross and others to retreat. We all know the image of the circle labeled “comfort zone” accompanied by the phrase “your dream may lie outside this zone.” Like the image, whatever it is that is meant to come next for you may appear beyond the unspoken edge in your mind. Touch on balancing your inner and outer worlds this Aries season especially with the strong influence of the scale herself brought by double Libra Full Moons. Address the bricks building the boundaries in your mind. Understand the inherent reflection between your inner and outer world and learn to love the marriage these two share. 

So come back to yourself. Resolve to evolve. If you can truly understand your desires and motivations. How they are constructed. Where they are born from. What it is they are built of. All while tending to the rhythmic grind of your daily life you may realize your dreams are never too far out of reach. Like the sower from just one year ago, we’re all searching for that beautiful, luscious vine. Growing it takes work. Maintaining it takes even more. Give in to the challenge. To the fear. Be patient. Through this exploration the messy edge of evolution will give way to liberation.

March blessings…

Tarot Deck: Rider-Waite
Oracle Deck: Sacred Creators Oracle

xx emma

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