April 2019 | energetic theme: The Chariot, Ace of Pentacles + Manifesting & Doing


You’ve been journeying along a path with controlled determination unknowingly embracing all the unknowns. Unaware you were expecting all things to look nothing as you expected them too. Traveling this path with a deep knowing that through all uncertainty you are divinely guided.

Opportunities await for those who seek them. Embrace what is being offered to you. Allow every and all opportunities to serve as stepping stones toward your largest dream and life purpose. Honesty always remains in the things we fail to resist. Non-resistance breeds acceptance. 

They say one thing is guaranteed in life: change. They also say this change is the very thing humans struggle to embrace the most. So the answer lies right there in this statement. If you embrace the change (with all of it’s uncomfy cohorts and perceived inconveniences) then there is no real problem at all.

Whether knowingly or unknowingly, your intuitive wisdom and guidance have brought you here. To where you are resting your body in this fourth month of the year. In this moment the reins of the Chariot may either be slowing to a halt or eagerly guiding you along. Where to? The Ace of Pentacles. The very next avenue of your life. The Ace of Pentacles quite literally is a physical manifestation coming down to you like a hand from the heavens. There is no pressure here. There is no force to experience this opportunity. The Ace is a presentation of possibilities. One you may explore in any way you feel called to. Those who have put in their energy work will see it pay off. It will show if you have shown up.

On April 5th we enter a regenerative new moon in Aries. Phew. Who else has been feeling an eager desire to change it all up in the most extravagant of ways? This is Aries calling with a review of self. This is the astrological new year calling to begin anew. This is the master of change, Uranus, moving into its new home for the next 7 years (in Taurus). Welcome to change. The very thing we as humans tend to resist. The only certain there will ever be. As creatures of habit in this modern world (cue: Bradley Cooper’s opening lines of Shallow) we must learn to adapt to change with less resistance. With less fear of the unknown. With less fear in general. Worry is and never will be productive because where does it lead? How does worry allow for change? It does not. Worry resists. Worry takes away the magic of living. And that is the beauty of the unknown. You’ve been traveling along your path with controlled determination. So why when an opportunity for change arises do you begin to worry and question? You’ve been guided all along. You’re exactly where you are meant to be.

A lesson on Manifesting and Doing: Just this past March I launched my Soul Call Intention Setting Questionnaire digital download. A guide designed to kickstart any manifestation intention setting journey at any point in your life. As humans, we all possess the innate ability to manifest. Anything we want whenever we want. The catch? Well, admittedly there is not one. The lesson here in manifesting is that through trust and belief in divine guidance you never go without. Expect things to look different than you expect and you just may find the very things you asked for are already here. This April, the Chariot is charging toward something. And you my dear, have the power to control that very something. What will your Ace of Pentacles be? What do you want it to be? Are you ready and willing for it to arrive? Double bonus lesson in Manifesting and Doing: you are allowed to be happy and content with exactly where you are now and allow this Ace to be a lesson in gratitude. Catch? Happy and content must mean throughout your daily life you feel no resistance to what is. 

And if all of this wisdom feels like a spiraling load of too much thinking. Pause. There is no need to overthink here. On April 19th we welcome a second dose of full moon Libra magic now free and clear of Mercury Retrograde. A reset. A retest. Allow this Libra full moon to either: 1) be everything the first on March 19th wasn’t or 2) be a wonderful lesson in gratitude and grace. 

On the topic of grace, just this past February I was sent the magical wisdom of Morgan Harper Nichols. A female mastermind in lessons of grace and embracing the unknown. Here is a link to opt in to for her totally free daily emails or texts filled with yummy typographical visuals and food for the soul. The daily email has been a total game changer for me in my own personal season of unknown. 

Endless April blessings to you…

And know through the unknown there is endless boundless grace and an opportunity to come back to your breath time and time again. 

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xx emma

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