They Want to Be Your Friends


They Want to Be Your Friends

The stars and the Moon were once the only way to communicate.
The absence of data could not illuminate the stars like a blue-lit backdrop.

We were all friends.
Depended on one another.
And now we’ve eradicated the need to be one with the world that created us.

You laugh at the silly spheres of rocks in space.
Their energy must be a farce.
While it still subtly seeps in your cells and DNA.
You question your raging impulses.
Chalk it up to the processed chemicals you just ate.

They just want to be your friends.

You say you want the good old days.
But what if I told you they never left.
You’re too high minded to acknowledge the minds that are higher than yours.

They just want to be your friends.

You want salvation.
A better past.
Forgiveness for tomorrow.
Answers to your prayers.
The ones you call silly jokes as you mutter your own under your breath.
You want a God to love you.
A savior to free you.

My dears, I must tell you a secret.
It is all here.
It has never left.
Quiet your voices.

They want to be your friends. 

xx emma

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