Oh sweet divine love what is it you are bringing to this world?

The key lies deep within. Down in that vessel where all life begins. Your heart holds the truth you just need to unite with unconditional love and determination by your side. Don’t decide where it ends or where the future begins for you see all you possess are these very milliseconds. This February is pregnant with possibility. A real wave of devotion. A great gratitude stirs in our souls. A message has arrived it is being delivered. Listen closely with your mind allow all things to be considered. Synchronicity is among us. A new creative beginning. Allow your cup to be filled and overflowed with beauty. Don’t just intend. Believe more than you can see. Why force conclusions if they can happen naturally?

We welcome February filled with hopeful surprise, sweetness, and joy in our hearts for this quick little month in our year. She welcomes a sweet and comforting time to provide unconditional love and devotion to ourselves and our souls. Why withhold the natural ebb and flow of love and abundance stirring in your soul from Source from streaming out into the physical surroundings of your life? I know, right? It is that simple. I assure you it is that easy. Don’t just intend. Believe more than you can see. Allow things to flow and happen naturally.

On February 4th we welcome a sugary new moon in Aquarius at 4:04 PM EST. Following the fiery Leo eclipse in January, this moon offers a blank slate for us to build anew. The icing on this new moon cake is a sweet sextile to Jupiter who ups the wide-open ante and allows to reach the far-out limitlessness of our souls. Literally, you can dream up anything you want and make it happen. With an Aquarian influence, this moon will of course keep the greater good in mind. You may feel a call to give back or at least build your community into your big new plans. Even just a gratitude in your heart for all that is truly beautiful around you and outside of you in your life may feel right.

Whatever it is you feel called to dream up please do. And even write it down. Grab a piece of paper and pen (style points for a fun colored marker) and get to drafting some new moon intentions. This practice works perfect for every new moon, but especially with what is to come later on this month.

On February 19th at 10:53 AM EST the Virgo full moon will arrive. This detail driven goddess moon will certainly like the receipts from the Aquarius new moon before carefully planning her (your) calendar. But really, there is nothing a Virgo loves more than lists or actually make that organizing lists in a color-coded fashion. She has no time to waste as her ruler Mercury will be heading backwards come March 4th. So, the energy of the Virgo full moon will be making shizzle happen. Or at least putting you in the head space to do so. Get your work done and get it done on time.

Take this Monday’s new moon to really reflect and set intentions. What do you want to grow? What would you like to be born this month or prepare the way for in the months to come? I promise you you can ASK and RECEIVE. It is so simple. Well, the asking part. Now it is up to you to define the why and allow the how to happen in due time. After completing your list, include this clause (double style points if in another colored marker) and even recite it out loud: “I give to the Universe these intentions for fully manifesting in alignment with my highest good and the highest good of all involved and so it is.”

February blessings to you…

xx emma

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