The Edge of Evolution ☁


We all have a subtle unspoken edge
The one where lines get blurred
And things feel fuzzy

Here our ego protects us
While our inhibitions bleed
Through both sides of the fence

Here we claim the “hell yes’s” and “f*ck no’s”
It's the edge where everything
Begins and everything ends

But who controls this fluid line?
The one where some may cross and some may hide
Our self-imposed limitations were constructed by someone, right?

So anything manmade can be remade
Handcrafted and curated
Delicately bathed and made clean

The edge you see holds an essence of magic
It leads to evolution
Not anything tragic

So pulling out the blue prints and addressing each brick
Will ensure you understand why some things don’t always click

Because fear misplaced where love and joy should be 
Is not saving you from love
It’s preventing you from being free

So reconstruct we shall our imaginary borders 
And through no fault of our own it will be easier to follow
The happy thoughts and trails to new beginnings

And through this exploration 
The messy edge of evolution
Will give way to liberation

xx emma

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