You Are the Weaver of Your Life Path ⋒


Accept and Receive

This is where you are
This is where you’ve made it to
This is what you’ve achieved

Take a moment to pause
To bask in the glory
Of all it is you’ve accomplished
Of all the rewards

Even if now is not your time
Give yourself a moment
To celebrate your lauds

Envision their feeling for when they’re finally here.
The rejections are often a reflection
of the expectations you assumed to be true

Reframe the narrative
The “it’s okays”
And “I’ll find another ways”

Demand the action to be in the present

Don’t wait for a green light
Or pull over when the going gets rough

Let down your hair
Roll out your colored carpet
And get ready to strut

Honey, “your time” waits for no one
And my clock says it’s “go time”

Because accepting and receiving
has no mention of waiting
And certainly never concedes to retreating

xx emma

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